Due Dates:

Fall Semester                            Spring Semester

Due in August upon                    Due in January
contract date.                              upon return.

Sept. 1                                         Feb. 1

Oct. 1                                           Mar. 1

Nov. 1                                          Apr. 1

Dec. 1                                          May 1

Monthly Payments Debit Card or credit card only. Your account will be charged each month for the following amount on the given days.

Option 3: Four Equal Payments

Four Equal Payments will result in a 5% discount on services.

Price:                                     Due:

$1900                            August, September,

Four (4) checks for:      October, and November



Price:                                      Due:

$1187.50                      August, September,

Four (4) checks for:     October, and November

$300, $300, $300,

and $287.50

Program Fees

Package Pricing






50 Tutoring Sessions

Duration: Thirty (30) minute classes

Price: $1,250.00
Tutoring will remain at $25 per half hour.

Option 2: Two Equal Payments 

Two Equal Payments will result in a 7% discount on services.


Price:                                      Due:

$1860                             Parents’ choice of 

Two (2) checks for:         dates in the semester.

 $930 each


Price:                                     Due:

$1162.50                         Parents’ choice of 

Two (2) checks for:         dates in the semester

$600 and $562.50

Contracts are valid for one semester at a time, and can be renewed or discontinued for the following semester following completion of the 50 sessions.

Contribute to Our Cause!

Discounts and Payment Plans

50 Dyslexia Therapy Sessions
Duration: One (1) hour sessions
Price: $2,000.00
​Therapy sessions will remain at $40 each.

Option 5: Monthly Payments

Attendance Costs for 2017-2018 School Year

**Multichild discount: 20% off second child’s services, no additional discounts apply.

Option 1: Full Payments

Payment in full will result in a 10% discount on services. Cash, Check, or  Credit Card.


Price:                          Due:

$1,800              September 1st (Fall)

                         February 1st (Spring)


Price:                          Due:

$1,125              September 1st. (Fall)

                         February 1st (Spring)

The success of our summer programming has taught us that we must offer a set number of classes and provide discounts for parents who make payment arrangements in advance. In keeping with this, illuminations will offer packages of 50 sessions per semester. These sessions have not increased and are the same at all locations.

Late fee                                               $10/week

No show fee
(less than 24 hour cancellation)       $25

Illuminations Center for Dyslexia

302 17th Street

Meridian, MS​ 39301
(601) 484-7430

Intake evaluation and treatment plan
(includes deposit and supply fee for new students)
Price: $100

Conference and Advocacy Services
(w/ school personnel ) $50 + mileage @ $0.56/mile