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Leading the country is the job a man filled with courage, responsibility and a mind that is filled with new ideas and concepts. There have been lots of famous dyslexics who have made their mark in this field and proven to be worthy leaders of nations. John F. Kennedy is a name that is taken with respect and admiration throughout the world. Even he had to face such problems and overcome them for his dreams. People like Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill are noted historical leaders as well as famous dyslexics who did not allow the disorder to overpower their will to succeed.

Politicians and Leaders

Lots of famous dyslexics have made a significant contribution to the field of entertainment. Actors like Tom Cruise, Patrick Dempsey and Orlando Bloom have become world famous despite of the academic challenges that they had to face in their lives. Walt Disney kept creating eternal animation despite his difficulties while John Lennon made beautiful music despite of his expulsion from school. Muhammad Ali stunned the world with his performance in the ring despite of the disorder while Jackie Stewart continued to race with all the problems. These famous dyslexics have inspired lots of other people to be positive about life and learn to live with the disorder and still make a mark.

Dyslexics tend to have a higher level of imagination, perception and creativity than people all around them. This talent is extremely useful in the field of art and literature as demonstrated by famous dyslexics over the years. The famous artist Pablo Picasso was dyslexic but it did not stop him from creating masterpieces of art. W.B. Yeats was also diagnosed with learning disabilities which could not hamper his literary talent. All these famous dyslexics have only used their disorder to their advantage.

Many people think that dyslexia takes away the intelligence of a person, making them dumber than the average people around him. However, famous dyslexics have proven time and again in the field of science and technology that this theory is completely wrong. Albert Einstein, the world famous physicist who changed the face of science with his theory of relativity was a dyslexic. Noble prize winner Pierre Curie faced dyslexia but it did not stop his experiments. People like molecular biologist Carol Greider belong to the list of famous dyslexics who achieved victory against the disorder.

Artists and Creators

There have always been lots of criticism and improper response meted out to people suffering from such disorders, but it can be hoped that the contributions of the famous dyslexics will help people understand the disorder better.

Entertainers and Sportsmen

Famous Dyslexics

If you consider dyslexia to be a negative disorder that is bound to put a person’s life in ruins, you should think once more. There are lots of famous dyslexics who have made their mark on the world despite being troubled with various forms of learning difficulties in their lives. You should take a positive lesson from them and help people understand that if they have the will, even the most severe degree of dyslexia cannot stop them from reaching their dreams. Given below are some of the most noted people in the world and their contributions to mankind:

Science and Technology