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Attendance Costs for Summer School Sessions

Research shows the average student can lose 2 months of reading and 2½ months of math skills during the summer break.  Students with dyslexia can lose much more.  Our summer program has shown a reading improvement rate of one grade level from May to August on standardized assessments done at independent school sites for 90% of our students.  Click the link below to learn about our Summer Course offerings.

We now offer a wide range of services, including tutoring, accommodation plans, meeting with school personnel, and evaluation and screeners. However, at the core of what we do, Illuminations is still the only private dyslexia therapy provider. This individualized therapy experience is designed to remediate core deficits in language, reading, spelling, and writing. For students who graduate from our therapy program, instructional support on grade level skills may still be necessary.  Therapy sessions are with 2-3 students at a time for a minimum of 3 days per week for best results. Click the link below to learn about our Fall/ Spring Course offerings.

Attendance Costs for Regular School Sessions